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XCL Phone app Take your PBX to your mobile device!

The XCL Phone App for android lets you make and receive calls using your PBX user account. No setup required, just download and login. Available today from Google Play!

Features include: Voicemail indicator, ACD agent status, Call history, Assisted transfer, Blind transfer, Caller id, Hold, Encrypted audio, Multiple call instances, DTMF during calls, Handset, speakerphone & Bluetooth supported.

Note: Calls made will have the same caller id as the PBX user’s.

When you have an incoming call, a notification will appear.  In that notification it shows you who is calling, allows you to answer the call, mute the ringing, or ignore the call.

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To learn more about the XCL phone app for Android, check out our 40 second video here.


Call center agent Customer Call Back Option

XCast Labs introduces the ACD Callback Option for Hosted PBX service.

This feature gives callers the option to wait for an agent or hang up, while still maintaining their place in queue, and receive a callback when they get to the front of the queue.

If a callback from ACD fails (Busy, No-Answer) there will be 2 more attempts to reach the caller, with a 10-minute delay between attempts.

To begin using, a customer will need to set up their ACD queue on the ACD tab. The manual is available for download on our VCP support tab. For questions, please contact support at 800-254-3109 or to set up a new account, email

Call blocking features Call Management and Robocall Blocking

Our newly released unique and patent protected feature provides end users complete call management. 

When this feature is enabled, callers are prompted to press a digit before being connected.  Every time someone successfully completes the CAPTCHA, their number will automatically get added to your Contact list. The system remembers their response so they will not be continually presented with that message.  Calls that can’t dial a digit will be disconnected.

You can also add contacts in advance to your Contact list which will allow these authorized callers to bypass Captcha. This could be your pharmacy, doctors’ office, or school that send automated messages that can’t dial the Captcha. Get the calls you want and skip the ones you don’t.

The CONTACTS TAB replaced the Speed Dial tab and is a collaboration with Captcha.  Here you can assign special attributes to calls such as speed dial, type of call rejection, ring style, Do Not Disturb, and robocall screening.

Captcha is available to PBX and Single-line customers.

Do not accept calls from anonymous callers

No Caller ID, no problem. We have an option for that too. If an inbound call is not signed such as international calls or the attestation level is below A, the call will be sent to voicemail. These call blocking features are located in the Features tab of the Voice Control Panel.

For assistance adding this feature to your existing service, please contact or 800-254-3109. For new customers, please reach out to our sales department at or call 844-853-3390.

Our current promotions include these call blocking features!

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Microsoft Teams Integration

Utilize Microsoft Teams as a primary or secondary device with your Hosted PBX or SIP Trunk account.

Features include instant messaging, voice and video calls, document sharing, and many more!

How does it work?
Direct Routing allows users to place outbound calls from within Teams, and when such calls are made they will be routed through their PBX or Trunk account, utilizing the service plans and rates that are active on that account. 

It also allows a user to receive calls, within Teams, that are placed to a phone number on the PBX or Trunk that has been associated with that Teams user. 

The MS Teams Mobile App provides a user the capability to chat and receive or place outbound calls using their PBX extension on their Android and Apple devices.

Do I need a Microsoft Office 365 license?  Yes
You can use Office 365 – E1, E3, and E5 licensing.  The E5 license includes a Microsoft Common Phone add-on license.  With E1 and E3 you need to procure additional Microsoft Common Phone add-on licenses – which allow you to use your existing XCast Labs service that provides higher quality at a lower price than Microsoft voice service.

Easily add this service anytime. For new customers contact If you’re an existing customer, contact our customer care team at

Check out other available Sip Trunk features here.

If you’re new to Microsoft Teams, learn more by visiting their website.

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10 Most Prestigious Companies of the year 2021

CIO Bulletin selected XCast Labs as one of the 10 most prestigious companies of the year 2021!

Read the full article on the CIO Bulletin website which features our XCast Founder and Executive Chair, Patricia Mathis, and XCast Co-Founder and CTO, Vladimir Smelyansky.

XCast Introduces PBX Desktop collaboration

XCast introduces PBX desktop collaboration.  Your PBX features will now extend to your PC or Mac for a convenient, powerful softphone. Make and manage your calls and conference calls from your desktop. The XCast Desktop phone can be used anywhere in the world with Internet.

XCast Applications

The Attendant Console, Portals and Web Phone are easily accessible to customers through the Voice Control Panel. Find what you need with the touch of an icon, under the new Applications tab.  The XCast Voice Control Web Portal makes business easy!

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XCast Awarded New Patent

Our newest patent prevents call loops for wholesale VoIP termination. This feature was first introduced several years ago by the XCast engineering team and is one of several patents awarded to XCast.  XCast’s innovative technology provides call loop detection and prevention for VoIP SIP-based wholesale traffic termination when multiple carriers are involved in handling the same phone call.