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XCastLabs, Inc. Privacy Statement

XCastLabs recognizes that personal information about our customers and subscribers resides in our custody as a matter of trust. Everyone at XCastLabs understands that it our legal obligation and moral responsibility to behave in a way that respects that trust.

All XCastLabs employees undergo training regarding their obligations to protect personal information. Employees are bound by a strictly enforced Confidentiality Agreement that forbids disclosure of any customer or subscriber information.

XCastLabs collects and maintains customer, vendor and other third-party information when required and necessary in the normal course of its administrative and financial services. These data include customer/subscriber name, address, phone number and email and certain credit information for those customers whose services are not pre-paid. Each customer has a unique password known only to them which allows private access to their individual account. No other individual has access to that password.

XCastLabs never provides access to any third-party for any commercial purpose except in those cases where the customer has expressed a desire to have it disclosed. XCastLabs never provides subscriber or consumer information to anyone except as specifically required to do so to comply with local, state or federal law.

XCastLabs sometimes receives subpoenas from courts that compel the company to release certain subscriber information or call details associated with personal phone numbers. These events may arise in legal matters and civil litigation and a court may compel XCastLabs to produce call records or administrative data associated with a specific subscriber account. In these cases, XCastLabs always notifies the subscriber of the Court Order and provides the subscriber due notice to respond to the request by whatever legal processes they choose to avoid the disclosure.

Local, county, state and federal law enforcement entities may have lawful authority to subpoena certain records as part of criminal investigations. In these instances, XCastLabs may be presented with probable cause warrants that prohibit XCastLabs from notifying the customer or subscriber of a criminal investigation.