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Call blocking features Call Management and Robocall Blocking

Our newly released unique and patent protected feature provides end users complete call management. 

When this feature is enabled, callers are prompted to press a digit before being connected.  Every time someone successfully completes the CAPTCHA, their number will automatically get added to your Contact list. The system remembers their response so they will not be continually presented with that message.  Calls that can’t dial a digit will be disconnected.

You can also add contacts in advance to your Contact list which will allow these authorized callers to bypass Captcha. This could be your pharmacy, doctors’ office, or school that send automated messages that can’t dial the Captcha. Get the calls you want and skip the ones you don’t.

The CONTACTS TAB replaced the Speed Dial tab and is a collaboration with Captcha.  Here you can assign special attributes to calls such as speed dial, type of call rejection, ring style, Do Not Disturb, and robocall screening.

Captcha is available to PBX and Single-line customers.

Do not accept calls from anonymous callers

No Caller ID, no problem. We have an option for that too. If an inbound call is not signed such as international calls or the attestation level is below A, the call will be sent to voicemail. These call blocking features are located in the Features tab of the Voice Control Panel.

For assistance adding this feature to your existing service, please contact or 800-254-3109. For new customers, please reach out to our sales department at or call 844-853-3390.

Our current promotions include these call blocking features!